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Nuri was an amazing help to my family at a time when we desperately needed someone besides my partner and I to take care of our baby. I know she's usually a post-partum doula, but she came to us when my son was about 4 months old. He was an easy newborn, but got diagnosed with reflux at his 4 month checkup, and he became really difficult to feed. I'm a freelancer and had just started ramping up my work schedule, when suddenly I was faced with full work days while caring for a really fussy and angry guy. I was strapped to the pump, screaming baby in the bouncer, and trying to respond to emails! I knew that I needed help, but I was afraid to leave him with a babysitter, because I thought he might not eat. I was overwhelmed and kind of paralyzed. 

Enter Nuri. She trained my fussy boy on the bottle (in a few easy days) and restored the calm and confidence in our household. She taught me a million helpful tricks to soothe him, showed us how to put him on a schedule, loaned me a helpful sling so I could live a bit while holding him, and while doing all of that, she somehow managed to cook delicious and healthly food for our whole family. I was able to leave the baby with Nuri and go out and get my work done. When I came home, he was happy, full and napping well, and there was warm food for dinner. She even did the dishes! 

I really can't recommend Nuri enough. She is a total baby whisperer, and she gave this mama some much needed space and time to relax and regroup. She is pretty much the best."


I have so many wonderful things to say about Shayna I don’t know where to begin. When my night doula that I had planned had a family emergency and could no longer work I was panicking as I found out only a few days before I delivered. Shayna actually came to my home the night I got home from the hospital to help us. This “stranger” instantly put me at ease and made all my stress go away. She was a fast friend and excellent help. She has a natural way with infants. She adores them and it is obvious to the parent and the baby. My daughter is so soothed by her. She is stealthily quiet when doing dishes and laundry at night, you wouldn’t even know she was cleaning till everything is folded and your dishes are spotless in the morning. She helped me care for a very sick infant, and had excellent strategies and tips which have helped me as a parent. Plus my 4 week old is already sleeping like a champ at night. So thankful for Shayna!

Nuri was a life saver to me in my biggest time of need as a new mom.  She helped with the shopping and cooking of delicious nutritious meals. She also gave me heartfelt information and advice for all things new and different with me and my son.  I felt cared for and understood in her capable hands and trusted her to watch my son while I napped, showered and took a moment to myself.  She is easy to talk to, informed, funny and experienced.  I am so grateful for her care.                         

Being a first time mom is scary enough, but having unexpected complications during labor makes those first few weeks even scarier. Fortunately, I delivered a very healthy baby girl. Unfortunately, her labor left me hospitalized for almost three weeks and recovery I am still going through four 1/2 months later.


In my first two and half weeks home from the hospital, we could not be more thankful to have Shayna as our night doula for support. In order to heal myself, rest was the number one most important task. Sleeping through the night with a newborn makes that task impossible. 


Shayna is very sweet, caring and nurturing. We instantly trusted her with our daughter and were grateful for all her support beyond caring for our child. She was extremely helpful with questions about childcare. All things new moms try and prepare themselves for but felt great comfort having extra advice when needed. 


On top of child care, Shayna was instrumental in my own support and healing. She was there anytime I needed to talk through my pain, feelings and general questions. She also did research for me on everything from healthy meals to how to ask family and friends for support which made the first month less overwhelming. 


Shayna and I continue to stay in contact and we consider her a close family friend. She was welcomed into our home at one of the most stressful times of our lives and made our life easier to manage with her support. 


I highly recommend Shayna for any family. Her loving and nurturing demeanor and full attention on the family from baby to mother to father support goes beyond doula expectations. We are so grateful for Shayna and don't know how we would have gotten through without her. 

Nuri came to us when our newborn was about 2 weeks old and really helped guide us through the newness of parenthood with patience and knowledge. So many of the questions I had as a new mum felt so silly and as if they were no brainers, but Nuri answered them and assured me that all of my questions were valid.

She was particularly useful when my man was out of town for work and I was struggling with being a new mum all by myself. She would look after my baby whilst I showered or took a walk or ran errands or just took some time to myself, and she also prepared nutritious meals for me that came in handy when I was starving and had a screaming baby in my arms who refused to be put down.

We couldn't have been happier with our time with Nuri- our baby loved her and so did we. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

Shayna helped us out for a few days so we could catch up on some much needed sleep. From the moment she walked in the door, we felt at ease. She is incredibly personable, compassionate and friendly. There was an instant connection so we knew our baby was in great hands.  Shayna is communicative about what she notices with your baby and offers suggestions if you are open to it. Although she only saw him at night, we could tell she connected with our baby and that meant the world. We were so thankful for her help and wish she could come every night!

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