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Welcome Home Baby 20 Daytime Hours $1100

The welcome home baby package is perfect for those looking for guidance the first few days of parent hood. You will recieve 20 daytime hours to be spread over 5 days. Your doula will help you navigate different soothing techniques, answer questions that may arise regarding breast or bottle feeding, pumping, swaddling. And hold your baby while you rest, shower, eat. She will also help out with other household tasks such as folding baby laundry, unloading dishwasher, etc.

Overnight Support Classic Package 40 Hours $2200

With this package you get 40 hours of overnight care over 5 nights. Your doula will tend to the needs of the baby so that you can have a restful night. If you are breastfeeding, your doula will wake you when baby is ready to be fed. After the feeding she will burp, change and settle your baby back to sleep, giving you more precious rest. If you are bottle feeding, your doula will take over the feedings during the night, allowing you to get a full night sleep. Some mother's will do a combination of the two.

Overnight Support Premium Package 80 Hours $4400

For those who anticipate they need more sleep to function, we recommend the Premium Package. 

We offer the same support as the Classic with twice as many visits.

Overnight Support Elite Package 160 Hours $8800

This is the most generous package we offer. It includes 4 weeks of 5 night a week overnight care. 

We offer the same support as the Classic and Premium with twice as many nights of support.

Sleep Training

We offer sleep training starting at $350 for a phone consult with a personalized sleep plan.


$65 an hour for in-home sleep training.

Travel Support

Whether you are visiting from out of town or traveling within the Bay Area to one of our gorgeous weekend getaway spots for a wedding, a tech conference, a family reunion, or just a for fun! We can provide you with excellent care for your  infant so you can enjoy your adult time worry free.

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